How Obtainable Are Your Goals?

Today I came to two realizations.  

1. It sucks saying no to things you really want to do but really shouldn’t do.. yet

2. Your dreams are way more obtainable than you think.  

Any of you that know me know that I have been diving very deeply into the world of personal, financial, and business development.  I have spent just about every free minute reading books, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and looking for new ways to continue pushing myself.  

The other day in my reading I stumbled across a fantastic concept called “dreamscaping”.  The idea is that whenever you are feeling platoed or at a standstill to come up with the three #1 things you would like to have, do, or be.  Once you do that you would select the top 3 that you can take action on.  This action will show you how much more obtainable your dreams are than you think.  

So I hunkered down and picked two #1 longtime goals.  Owning a luxury sports car and living in my dream apartment.

I took action and went to the dealership, picked out my dream car (A beautiful Porsche Panamera GTS), and scheduled a visit to a lakefront view apartment at the Quay 55 luxury living center in downtown Cleveland.

And Boom..

I got approved for both of them.  Two things that I otherwise would have thought I would never be able to accomplish or have were now within my fingertips.  Though it sucked turning them both down for practicality reasons at this point in my life, BOY did it drive a new fire into me.  

We constantly limit ourselves by saying “that will never be me” or “why dream that big when this is so much more practical?”.  Little do we realize that 99% of the population thinks that way making the middle ground goals congested and highly in demand.  The purpose of this excersise is to inspire and take your dreams and goals to a whole new level.  And boy did it work.  

Don’t set limits for yourself and keep dreaming.  


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