The Current State of Dog Training..

Being a dog trainer is the worst.  I do not enjoy waking up wondering which broken, mislead, or troubled dogs I will be working with on that particular day.  I do not enjoy knowing that because I have a bit more knowledge than your average dog owner on their precious fur babies, I am able to make a living off of their mistakes.

In this day and age there is a constant push for building businesses and making a quick dollar.  With over 78 million dogs owned by people all across the US alone, it is easy to see that there is no shortage of demand for people to help them with their pets.   The money is great, and the job security is there but where do we draw the line and realize that we are still providing an incredibly personalized service.  One that requires knowledge, passion, persistence, and an openness and awareness of the hardships you will face as your clients try to replicate what you are trying to teach.

Most dog trainers have a hard time realizing the importance of the position that they find themselves in.  They sway to far to the wrong side of the line.  Inexperienced handlers take on dogs that are way above their pay grade.  Companies sacrifice customer service and quality for profit margins and a quick turnover.  Meanwhile the customer struggles and dogs die because of it.

Heck, I’ve been there.  As a 22 (almost 23) year old dog trainer who has been in the industry for close to 3 years now i’ve managed to see it all.  Bosses taking the sleazy car salesman approach, trying to find any way to hustle off a few more sessions that either weren’t needed or would never get completed.  Working with dangerous dogs that, at the time, I knew nothing about.  Focusing on only myself using innovative training techniques for the sake of looking cool, not knowing that the client would never be able to replicate what I was doing.

Through all of the mistakes I’ve seen or made i have learned more than you can imagine.  Ive honed my craft and built something very successful that is consistently helping people in ways I couldn’t have imagined before.  This is what brought me here.  If I can continue to bring awareness to the issues at hand in our industry and push people to better what they are doing for the CLIENT and not just them we are going to make huge waves.

Will you follow my journey?

Much Love to all,

-David Tirpak




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